Empty Coffee Cup reload

Empty Coffee Cup reload

After many years of neglect the old EmptyCoffeeCup site has been consigned to the recycle bin and I’m starting a new blog/site.


Firstly, The old site was looking desperately dated, and because it was all custom  code I never, and I use that word accurately, updated it. It was an interesting exercise in templating at the time, but the reality is that as a platform wordpress is vastly superior for that kind of site. I’ll be going over the old content and some of it may find it’s way into this site, although not with that atrocious colour scheme.

Secondly, I’m coming to the end of my time at Computing Edge/Altiris/Symantec, it’s been eleven years, and I’d like to start writing about my upcoming projects and also my past experiences in software development.

What are those experiences? and what projects? Well ;-) stay tuned and see.